(Watch) Spider-Man: Homecoming May Be the Coolest Spider-Man We’ve Had Yet In New Trailer

The turnover rate for Spider-Man movies is like hiring for retail, but that doesn’t mean we’ve had forgettable Spider-Men. Tom Holland takes on the web-slinger in his first official solo effort as Spidey in the Marvel-Sony deal – but mainly Marvel – which will show appearances from Tony Stark and Iron Man to be the catalyst to this modified origin of Spider-Man.

Michael Keaton as the vulture we knew looked way cooler than we remember him from the comics and the appearance from the Shocker is always fun, but it’s not the villains or the action that sold me the hardest. When watching the trailer, we were able to see that classic “with great power comes great responsibility” type of theme looming through Holland’s Peter Parker when Stark takes away his suit and that felt devastating just through the trailers so hopefully that translates just as well for the feature length effort.

Another thing I’ve learned to appreciate is the fun and colorful vibe the film is giving off. Nothing is shot in a grim, desaturated universe or anything like that, but instead we get to see vibrancy in color and character personalities. There’s going to be tons of humor from what I can tell, but of course that classic drama Spider-Man are known to give. It was an excellent trailer.


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