(Watch) Pirates 5 Looks To Cap Off Series With Swashbuckling Adventure

I find it funny that critics and fans diss the Pirates franchise so hard all of a sudden. I for one enjoy the first three very much and don’t consider them guilty pleasures, but rather just normal pleasures to watch, and then they made the fourth one. To say I didn’t like it would be an understatement, in fact, I don’t even remember it. By that point, I didn’t care if they made a fifth installment or not because original trilogy director Gore Verbinski wasn’t returning to direct to the fifth one.

I still don’t think I care about the fifth installment, but casting Javier Bardem always interests me. It’s too bad the CGI looks awful and Depp seems to have fallen into his own cliches yet again with his Sparrow character. I don’t mind Sparrow being funny, but you have to give him some serious stuff once in awhile or this can’t really be considered an action-adventure, but rather an action comedy, right?

The music always gets my juices flowing so with that alone I’ll be seeing this opening weekend, but that’s because Hans Zimmer is just that amazing. I have a feeling there are going to be a ton of weird connections to original characters where they ended up having kids and all that and that just bores me thinking about it.


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