Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Direct Rated-R Musical Comedy ‘Wingmen’ That Will Star Channing Tatum

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I think everyone was impressed with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s directorial debut Don Jon, which I loved, and it looks like he’s returning to the direct and star alongside his buddy Channing Tatum in a musical titled Wingmen. The Rated-R comedy musical tells a story through modern music with an adult twist where two pilots crash land in Las Vegas. The part of the news that excites me is that it will be in the vein of Pitch Perfect meets The Book of Mormon which is where the adult humor and Top 100 songs will come into play.

Thanks to Varierty we know which directors were looked at before Gordon threw his name into the ring. A set of directors that included Seth Gordon, James Bobin, and The Book of Mormon director himself Casey Nicholaw.

Musicals seem to be coming back in style in a way that makes them more accessable to a modern audience via the big screen. We were able to see that with the success of La La Land and obviously many Broadway musicals such as Hamilton have gained an insurmountable level of pop culture success along with financial achievement.

Tatum obviously came into Hollywood as a talented dancer from his background prior to his break out roles in the Step-Up franchise which eventually translated to what we see now and even snagged him a role in Hail, Casaer! which was directed by the Coen Brothers. Tatum’s scene in the film is easily one of the big standouts of the movie even for the critics of the film.

The duo of Tatum and JGL are not secret anymore and their ranges as dramatic, comedic, and musically inclined sing-and-dance performers is well respected. Levitt clearly isn’t directing those Sandman movies anymore from the looks of it with his schedule piling up with this film as well as; Fraggle Rock, Sovereign, K Troop, and In Sight.

Source: Variety


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