(Watch) Official First Justice League Trailer Proves That Justice Is For All

We got the five teaser trailers to what was ultimately going to be the release of this trailer today and if there’s one constant DC has, it’s their trailers. The Zack Snyder helmed sequel to the events of Batman v Superman will finally bring together the greatest hero teams in history with the Justice League and boy do they look cool.

I don’t think anyone questioned how well they’d turn out on screen – besides some scoffs with The Flash not having blonde hair – and Aquaman looks like he’s going to be the scene stealer for the DCEU. The story seems straightforward, action packed, and oh so Zack Snyder. That may alarm many people, but my only hope is that the studio truly did learn from their mistake in not releasing the Ultimate Edition with the thirty extra minutes of footage.

We don’t see any signs of Green Lantern or Superman just yet, but I have no doubts they’re there waiting to be revealed. If there’s one thing Snyder is great at, it’s using his source material for the betterment of the story. It also doesn’t hurt he’s able to give winks and nods to fans and critics who question the credibility of some of the characters. The whole joke in the other trailer with Bruce Wayne saying “I hear you can talk to fish” was brilliant and Snyder does it again with Bruce to Barry Allen (Flash) when asked about his superpowers with, “I’m rich” simply being the answer. Amazing.

We also saw the Parademons on what looks to be the hell planet of Apokolips where ultimate supervillain Darkseid resides. It was confirmed that Steppenwolf was going to be the villain for this first film and he is the uncle of Darkseid so it makes sense if the League gets transported to the planet eventually.


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