Brad Pitt Considered Playing The Role of Cable

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When it comes to looking at actors who we’d want to play to play Cable, the possibilities are almost starting to become endless at this point, and the names that have been rumored are only growing outward. The latest name that was thrown into the pot, though now likely out of the running, was none other than movie star Brad Pitt. Both parties had mutual interest in Pitt for the role, but do to constantly changing schedules and production for Deadpool 2 has been lightly delayed in order for the story to come to full capacity.

Brad Pitt has had his hands in the production world for quite some time which has proven to be incredibly successful – he helped produce both Best-Picture winning films The Departed & 12 Years A Slave – to go along with his always busy schedule as an actor. Pitt has been trying to get World War Z 2 off the ground and hopefully get his buddy David Fincher to direct it, but there hasn’t been any news on that due to the studio for whatever reason being hesitant.

Just this week, Man of Steel’s Michael Shannon was reported to be a top candidate for the role as well with Stranger Things David Harbour screen testing for the part earlier in the month. At this point, the role could go to anyone, and not one of these men after the next have been the same in style, stature, or talent, but they are all no doubt worth considering.

It seems pretty unclear what direction they are going to want Cable to go, but it seems like there’s tons of flexibility for the role regardless of who gets cast. That bodes pretty well for the writing of the character which doesn’t limit itself to one mold of actor, but who knows, maybe they are waiting to cast their perfect Cable to better the script entirely.

Source: Collider


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