Henry Cavill Cast In Mission: Impossible 6

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Superman himself is trading in his super-suit for a different wardrobe this time around as he embarks on a journey in yet another spy film. If you haven’t seen Guy Ritchie’s spy-comedy-action flick Man From U.N.C.L.E. then you missed out on a terrific role that confirms Cavill’s range all the more. Cavill has been seen promoting possible Green Lantern details on his Instagram as well as working out hard, but it’s nice to see the man from Jersey – no not that one – getting some more roles beyond the DCEU.

The follow up to Rogue Nation will bring back the cast of Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, and Jeremy Renner with Christopher McQuarrie back in the director’s chair. So far, this has been one of the few franchises that has actually gotten better with time thanks to purposely changing out directors every movie with the exception of McQuarrie.

Cavill is rumored to be playing the right hand man to Ethan Hunt’s boss, played by many people, but the latest was a scene stealing Alec Baldwin in the role. It’s not confirmed Baldwin is set to return to the franchise, but the role of Ethan Hunt’s boss seems to be interchangeable.

An impressive money making franchise, it’s safe to say the Mission: Impossible franchise is up there with superhero movies as well as franchises like The Fast and Furious series which fans keep gravitating towards. Who knows how big a role Cavill will actually have, but his leading man looks and skills as an actor should be revealed and used far more for leading pictures beyond Superman, but at least we get to see him in something at all.

Source: Variety


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