Production On ‘The Batman’ Now Likely To Start Early 2018

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The Batman has fallen on dark times this year with Affleck stepping down as director, struggling to maintain a good script that works for the overall DCEU, and with the looming fear that Ben Affleck could end up not being Batman once the Batman concl

The scripts written by Affleck and writing partner Geoff Johns have been canned as has Chris Terrio’s script which means the studio is starting the story completely over. The delay of the film makes sense when they don’t have a story to shoot, but I see these delays as a positive step in the right direction. We’ve been clamoring to each other about how quickly the DCEU seems to be moving, but it looks like they are finally getting their ducks in a row and focusing on getting quality creatives teams in order for their future movies.

We can thank Variety’s Justin Kroll for this tidbit of information as he went to his Twitter to give us a small scoop:

Affleck’s recent statements revealed that he had been going to rehab to fix an alcohol abuse issue which can’t be the core blame for anything, but it is very brave of the film-maker to be so transparent with everyone. Anyone helping their health is always positive so we hope that translates to other positive changes for the future.

We don’t know if characters like Deathstroke or other big Batman villains are going to stay in this particular story, but with the announcement of a Nightwing movie set for release in a few years with The Lego batman director at the helm could prove to be a big change in the direction Batman universe as well.

Source: Justin Kroll


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