Warner Bros. Rumored To Be Wanting To Reboot ‘The Matrix’ With Michael B. Jordan

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Not much is known on where the film wants to go beyond that for right now Warner Brothers is rebooting the film with a new star being thrown in the mix. Michael B. Jordan (Creed, Fruitvale Station) is in talks to possibly star in the “relaunch” of the 1999 sci-fi/action franchise. The Wachowski siblings were the creative minds behind the story and the direction of the film and went on to direct and write two less than stellar sequels in the eyes of the critics.

Will Smith was originally the star that the directors wanted at the time, but like Smith has done with many big projects, he turned them down. Maybe writer Zak Penn (The Avengers, X-2) can bring a unique flavoring to whatever they are trying to call this, sequel, reboot, relaunch etc.

The Wachowski’s are not involved with this new project and could possibly stay shut out since Hollywood is all about what you’ve done for someone lately. Their films beyond the first Matrix film is less than stellar beyond beautiful visual splendor, but their films don’t become memorable for the right reasons. Original producer of the films, Joel Silver, will also not be involved due to his reputation for “budget control issues”, which we’ve seen can destroy good movies because there is one too many cooks in the film kitchen.

The trilogies original star Keanu Reeves said he’d be up to returning to the franchise, but only if it’s original film makers and writers i.e. the Wachowski’s were to return, but that probably isn’t happening so don’t expect Reeves to be anywhere near this one. The idea of Michael B. Jordan as the lead is never a bad thing. His work over the last few years proves he is one of the best overall talents Hollywood has right now and he’s no stranger to being in continued franchises (Creed) nor does he have issues doing hard sci-fi (Chronicle, Fant4stic) so his name makes perfect sense.

Hopefully they choose to continue the story – like Creed – and add to the lore instead of just rebooting a good first film and remind us of the two sequels none of us really liked. Warner Bros. could use another big franchise to help their wallets and their credibility again.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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