Fox Planning A Remake of ‘The Fly’

Image result for j.d. dillard director

A remake of a remake is getting kind of old to report, but clearly that’s the way the world is right now. Fox is planning on rebooting The Fly, a film property that came to life in 1958, but was made iconic thanks to the body horror technician that is David Cronenberg with a stellar performance by Jeff Goldblum. If you’ve never seen the The Fly, the premise is simple, scientist becomes a humanoid fly creature, and it’s kind of gross.

J.D. Dillard and writing partner Alex Theurer will take over the directing and writing duties for the remake. The duo made their names worth knowing thanks to their work on their thriller Sleight which is funded by WWE Studios and the powerhouse that is Jason Blumhouse at Blumhouse Productions. Sleight hits theaters April 28th.

The next project this duo is working on, also for Blumhouse, will star Dope’s Keirsey Clemons in their horror-thriller Sweetheart.

Clearly the writing team has some major support to get their movies made and could bring new blood into their genres (pun intended).

Source: Deadline


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