Did Henry Cavill Just Reveal A Character We Could See In Justice League?

Henry Cavill couldn’t encapsulate the valor and traits of Superman any better than he already does. The man is infinitely likable no matter which angle you see him from and he thinks very carefully before he says or does anything. With that being said, his Instagram may have given us a fairly big clue – or a huge middle finger – by hinting at a character we’ve yet to see any marketing or casting news for…

Not only the dude still jacked AF (as f**k for those who aren’t aware), but he clearly knows something we don’t. Nothing is confirmed with Green Lantern in any way yet, but he’s been hinted at plenty of times by other cast members and crew because we all know that you don’t have Justice League with Green Lantern. I’m still curious as to which Green Lantern he could be referring to since the two main Green Lanterns fans know and love are both humans, Jon Stewart and Hal Jordan.

Hopefully we actually get some news or hints from the studio later on. Armie Hammer is still the name people are spreading as Hal Jordan and the latest rumor was Moonlight star Devonte Rhodes as Jon Stewart which may make me more excited than any casting thus far.


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