Spielberg Is Fast-Tracking the Tom Hanks & Meryl Streep Film ‘The Post’

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Spielberg, Hanks, and Meryl Streep are a trio of Hollywood royalty that doesn’t get much better than this. Speilberg, as of today (Monday) will fast-track the Fox/Amblin production The Post which is aiming to shoot this coming May and be ready for Oscar season in 2018. The story will be socially political and extremely topical which is why they want to get this movie rolling ASAP.

The drama will center around how the Washington Post was able to expose the Pentagon Papers in 1971 and how Ben Bradlee and Kay Graham, employees of the Washington Post, went on to work for the New York Times to challenge the federal government for their rights to publish them. Maybe you can fill in the blanks on why someone trying to censor the truth can be fairly topical.

Ben Bradlee Jr. was actually a part of the team at the Boston Globe who broke the stories on the pedophile priests that you can read about or watch in the Best-Picture winning Spotlight as well as the iconic political thriller starring Robert Redford, Dustin Hoffman, and Jason Robards who ends up playing the original Ben Bradlee.

Spielberg pushed his next film The Kidnapping Of Edgardo Mortara back in order to make this movie come to life in a timely fashion. Spielberg is also working on his adaptation of Ready Player One, but seems to be dipping back into his sociopolitical dramas which we saw with Bridge of Spies and his historical biopics of the last decade. The question now becomes, will they actually be able to get it done?

Source: Deadline


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