(Watch) Ridiculous Trailer For What Looks Like A Ridicously ‘Rough Night’

For the first minute I was and then they killed the male stripper and it went about as downhill for me as it does for the stripper. The cast seems pretty good and it mixes that humor of The Hangover and a darker version of Weekend at Bernie’s without anything actually being funny.

This is where I stand with comedies of the new era, they stink, they’re repetitive, and worst of all, they don’t make me laugh. These are comedically gifted women, but there are so many tropes that don’t work for me anymore and they are just recycled in another film I probably won’t see.

My hope is that this film goes in an even more bizarre direction than what the trailer shows and surprises us with a big middle finger of weird and comical mishaps, but I’m not convinced that’s what’s going to happen….



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