Michael Mann’s Ferrari Biopic Loses Christian Bale, Gains An Aussie Leading Man

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It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Michael Mann (Heat, Collateral), but when we last checked in on the talented director he was planning on creating a biopic about the life of Enzo Ferrari with Christian Bale set to star. Unfortunately, the film has been on the shelf for about two years and Bale has now dropped out due to concerns with his health while trying to gain a ton of weight for the role.

Hot off the press at Deadline – they seem to get all the scoops – Logan star Hugh Jackman will replace Bale as Ferrari alongside Noomi Rapace who will play Ferrari’s estranged wife. We all know the name Ferrari and his luxury sports cars for the rich and famous, but the story will also detail his rivalry with other Italian sports car mogul Maserati.

Jackman gave arguably his finest performance in the final Wolverine film this month and will finally be able to open his schedule new and more meaty roles post Logan. Michael Mann’s last films haven’t been the most memorable, but the director still has a visual sense that is hard to go against and his track record in the past proves him capable. Hopefully Jackman is able to conquer the serious weight gain for the role (or they just give him a fat suit or something) and he’s able to stay on the project because this seems like a terrific role for his skill-set.

Source: Deadline


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