Director Joe Carnahan Exits Bad Boys For Life

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The status of Bad Boys For Life seems to be in the air yet again due to the scheduling conficts of its writer and director Joe Carnahan. Carnahan has one of the busiest schedules out there right now with him writing the script for Fox’s X-Force movie, directing an American remake of The Raid, and wrote a script for a remake of the film Death Wish which will be directed by Eli Roth and star Bruce Willis.

Other rumors have been that there were far too many creative differences between the studio and Carnahan, but regardless of the reason, Carnahan has every reason to leave. The man seems to have gained a huge career boost in recent months as evident from all the films he’s working on.

The film was going to reteam Martin Lawrence and Will Smith as the Miami cops who seem to make things worse while they’re trying to fix something. They leave blood and destruction in their wakes – which is what makes the franchise so fun – but it seems like the only mess we will see from this franchise is it’s lack of movement to get off the ground.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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