Stranger Thing’s David Harbour Testing For Deadpool’s Cable

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The names for Cable have been so random, but quality talents thus far, which has made it difficult to pinpoint where they want the character to go. It was rumored that Russell Crowe was interested in the character (meh) while the rumor mill spread with Pierce Brosnan as well as after a photo with Hugh Jackman and Reynolds surfaced on the web.

Another name in the hat is another name you might not have expected which would be David Harbour, one of the many standouts from the hit series on Netflix, Stranger Things. His portrayal and calloused cop who fights his own demons while still having heart to help a bunch of kids fight real demons proved to be enough for the studio to consider him. Cable is the leader of the X-Force, which for those who haven’t read the comics, is just a much grittier, futuristic version of the X-Men that can continue a Rated-R trend Fox has had for the superhero movies.

The script for Deadpool is still being worked on by the team of Reynolds, Drew Goddard, and the original writers of the Deadpool movie Rhett Reese and Paul Warnick. We just got a Deadpool 2 teaser (WATCH HERE) in front of Logan which proved to be more than effective and it goes to show how excited we are even though the film is coming out in 2018.

In the case of Cable, size does sort of matter. The charm of Deadpool and Cable’s relationship is that Deadpool is smaller than Cable and pokes fun at the difference similar to ways he did with Colossus in the first movie. Harbour is a solid 6’3″ with the physical attributes to carry the load of the character as well as showing that he’s actually a pretty serious actor while retaining a lot of humor when he needs too. If cast, I think Harbour could turn out to be a pretty good fit.

Source: TheWrap



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