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Logan Review: The Final Chapter of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Defies It’s Genre As One of the Best Comic Book Movies…Ever

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As a staple in the genre of comic book movies, X-Men has had their place in the sun, sometimes buried below earth where sun won’t touch, but there’s a new sheriff in town that rises above all the rest. Breaking new ground a genre always trying to push the boundaries of what people say they can’t do, James Mangold directs the hell of his latest film that does a great job convincing us that this is the final time we will see Wolverine on screen. There was a time when casting this unknown from Australia was a bad move to the hardcore X-Men fan with accusations and judgement claiming he was too tall, and they needed an “actual” talent to play him. Time has obviously proved to us that Hugh Jackman and his onscreen persona Wolverine, seem to only grip us more with age. Not only is this Hugh Jackman’s greatest performance that I’ve seen, and I’ve seen them all, there is a chance this goes down as one of the best films of 2017 as well as a benchmark in the genre as a whole.

The leash on Mangold seemed to be nonexistent when he was making his film and thanks to $127 million well spent, he made sure he put it all too good use. Beautifully shot with cinematography that captures the “dirty but beautiful” visual poetry of the film goes a long way in a movie that will likely catch fans off guard with just how raw the film is from inside to the outside. Whether you’re a fan of the comics or the movies or both, you are Image result for logangoing to get sucked in with Jackman’s other worldly range as what we once thought was a cigar smoking, rage monster with a heart. I mean, that’s exactly what he is as Logan, but holy sh**, if you thought there couldn’t be more to that general statement then you’re in for a real treat. The genre blending finds perfect balances of sci-fi, sometimes horror, action, and family drama to a tee, leaving the film will nothing more to give than it did on screen. It’s like when Michael Jordan had the flu game, you’d think there’d be limits, but there is something about great talents rising above in what can be the most difficult of moments. That can be said about the characters and the roller-coaster ride of a franchise from the beginning.

I sobbed uncontrollably folks, there’s nothing more I can say about my feelings for the film beyond that without repeating all I’ve had to tell you. Beyond the incredible action, -which will not disappoint – the Rated-R came into full effect through violence and tragedy that even Shakespeare would go mute too. Not a dry eye left that theater nor did anyone realize that the film was 2 1/2 long. Yep. To make it even more unfathomable, you will want more, and you will feel conflict between feeling empty and yet truly complete. It’s something I’ve never truly felt in a film before. I…I don’t have words that express my emotional tether to this character and this story that has culminated into such an outstanding masterwork of new age cinema. There will forever be an amount of nostalgia, humor, and just overall appreciation for what the X-Men franchise has truly given us, and while they aren’t stopping anytime soon, Wolverine will be Christopher Reeves once was to Superman, but not even Reeves had over 16 years to be one character like Jackman and Patrick Stewart had with Professor X.

It’s the perfect ride off into a sunset that would make Indiana Jones proud. It’s a treasure confirmed in a genre that haters want to get stale, well guess what? Fox has figured it out and they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Rated-R comic book films don’t have to be the only types we get, but letting the reigns loose is proving that directors and film makers have these stories waiting to be told on screen, but they just need that earned opportunity to prove that certain directions are the way to go. Not to be too hype or bold, but these are Oscar caliber performances, and not just for comic book movies. Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart’s on screen chemistry had been there from the start, and it was only fitting for them to finish where they started.

It’s a bittersweet end that felt so right from beginning to end without a moment ever actually out of place. It will leave you somber, maybe even just heartbroken, but there’s something so rich in the drama that ensues whether you can’t handle it at the time or not. It’s wrapped up perfectly in a way that will strike nerves with a force that the person next to you can feel it. I let the tears out in front of anyone next to me and it was only when I got up I saw red eyes from – no joke – 90% percent of a packed theater, that’s how good this movie is. You won’t need to have seen the other X-Men movies to appreciate Logan, and to be entirely honest, they don’t even compare at this point. This is hands down the best X-Men film we have with Days of Future Past, Deadpool, and X-2 rounding out my list, but Logan could very well be one of the strongest films in all of comic book adaptations bar none.



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