(Watch) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Shows Family Theme and Kurt Russell With Latest Trailer

While the other trailer showed more humorous sides of the Guardians, this may actually prove to us that there is a plot behind all the sarcasm and gorgeous spacial settings. We finally get to see Kurt Russell in the role of Peter Quill aka Star-Lord’s father at the end of the trailer, but what we need to appreciate and notice is the theme of family that seems to be looming all throughout.

James Gunn is no stranger to making good films, but this may be where he will get to shine simply as a movie maker. With confirmed statements saying that this will not have any forced tie ins with The Avengers or future films and just focuses on the Guardians as a rare solo story on it’s own, we may be able to see even more fleshed out stories behind all the conflict of the characters and their families.

There’s something so rich in the idea of a superhero movie being fun, but also unafraid to tell a story that organically grows from what they had started. Kurt Russell looks spectacular as Ego the Living Planet – in human form I imagine – and with Russell being paired with Chris Pratt I imagine the dialogue is going to split our sides and touch our hearts, dramedy surgery to an extent.

Oh, and this new poster is pretty cool too in case you haven’t seen, so thank James Gunn for that as well.


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