89th Academy Awards Wrap-Up and End With An Unintentional Bang

The 89th Academy Awards were flooded with beautiful films of all types by all different backgrounds of filmmakers from across the world. Rich in storytellers, actors, producers, writers, set and costume designers, as well as those who work in the technical areas like sound or special effects. Their recognition for their astounding work did not go unnoticed as Jimmy Kimmel humorously hosted the show in a charming, classy, but subdued way.

With La La Land coming in as the front-runner to take home all the Oscars this year – with 14 nominations total – the film left with six, the highest amount of this year’s nominees, but the ending only gets crazier and more unbelievable with something you need to see for yourself.

Could there be anything worse in this situation? Well, yes, there could be, but give credit where credit is do to producer Justin Horowitz who tastefully presented the real winner of tonight’s Best-Picture Oscar to his friends that worked on Moonlight. The conspiracy theorists already want to call this a hoax, but regardless of that nonsense, the hard working filmmakers that brought La La Land to life had to let their hearts sink into their feet because of a mistake that was out of Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway’s hands.

The wrong card was given to the presenters causing what you see in front. Beatty went on to try and explain what happened, but whether his fault or not you’d hope he just fade into the background like that Homer meme on Facebook. Still, it’s a shocking win regardless, but a deserving one. Moonlight struck audiences at their most emotional centers leaving a powerful story for us to talk about. It’s a terrific film deserving of the Oscars it won, which were, Best-Adapted Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor, and officially Best-Picture.

I feel terrible for my favorite film of the year’s crew and producers for not getting what they thought was the most coveted film award, but going home with six Oscars still counts for something. La La Land ended up grabbing Damien Chazelle Best-Director, making him the youngest to earn the award while Emma Stone sang and acted her way into Best-Actress. Also recognized were cinematography, Set-Design, Best-Original Song and Best-Original Score.

Lesson learned, stop getting the old people to read the cards for the biggest awards of the night in any capacity…. or we just give them the right cards next time.


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