89th Academy Awards: Small Budget Film-Making Is The Real Winner

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The Oscars boasted it’s share of winners tonight with La La Land sharing the awards with other films (in more ways than one) which meant that their 14 nominations weren’t going to look like a Return of the King or Titanic type of situation. Still, the fact that films like La La Land, Moonlight, Arrival, Manchester by the Sea, Hidden Figures, and even Hacksaw Ridge were able to be showcased is a remarkable thing for diverse, small budget film-making.

During my live-tweeting of the show, I couldn’t help, but giggle knowing that Best-Supporting Actress was very likely to be won by a black woman. Through the humor, it’s a pretty cool thing to see compared to years past, but that doesn’t make any actress more or less deserving. Art-house level films came to win and that’s exactly what they did as seen in Moonlight and Manchester by the Sea taking home some upset gold in some people’s eyes. Barry Jenkins’ work on Moonlight proved to be who the Academy was looking at in the long run while Manchester by the Sea deserves another look, but credit the sound editors and sound mixers on Hacksaw Ridge as well.

Would you have heard about Hell or High Water before the Oscars? Only if you’re a huge movie fan, but the fact you are now interested in a film like Lion or The Lobster is a beautiful thing to happen after an award show.

You may be thinking that the Academy always recognizes smaller films and that may be true, but this year boasted nominees that may have never been given this chance years prior. These weren’t forced nominees either. These were films that touched the hearts of many people in ways that made us flock to see them and that’s what it’s all about.



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