Warner Bros. Developing Nightwing Film With LEGO Batman’s Chris McKay In Talks To Direct

Image result for chris mckay lego batman

The success of The Lego Batman movie is taking course critically and financially, but the live-action attempts for DC as of late have been troubling. It looks they’re going to take the fans advice and try out one of their animation directors to breathe some life into the DCEU by getting Chris McKay to eventually helm a solo Nightwing film.

For those unaware of Nightwing’s existence, he is the first Robin, Dick Grayson, and let’s be clear, everybody loves Dick…. Nightwing is the older persona post Robin for Grayson to branch away from Batman and be his own hero. He’s an exceptional hero who uses his acrobatic skills along with his modified Eskrima – basically martial arts sticks – where he combats crime, often helping Batman or leading the Teen Titans.

As excited as fans likely are for a Nightwing movie even being considered, it doesn’t mean it’s happening if recent history has shown us anything. The latest news on director Matt Reeves finally signing on for Affleck’s solo Batman is about the only “positive” thing we’ve heard from the studio in regards to anything connected to Batman. We’ve never seen a live-action Nightwing in any capacity and it will be interesting to see how they bring his mythology into this universe as is. An older Batman means a Nightwing and other older Robins exist in the universe.

Batman v Superman teased the death of a Robin, but sweaty fans know that was definitely a nod to Jason Todd’s Robin, not likely it being Grayson or other Robins like Tim Drake or Damien Wayne. Before they make this spin-off, I don’t think it’s asking too much for them to actually succeed with their other eight films we keep hearing about.


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