It’s Now Confirmed, Matt Reeves Has Officially Signed On To Direct ‘The Batman’

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He was on and then he got away, but then they got him again. A true fisherman’s tale if I’ve heard one, but it’s not a fish, instead it’s an awesome director officially signing on to do The Batman. The drama seemed like it was continuing and possibly destroying Ben Affleck’s interest in doing Batman all together, but for now, it seems as if Affleck will dawn the cowl yet again with a director that seems to know exactly what he’s doing.

Warner Brothers supposed first choice at directing the film post Affleck was Matt Reeves and like a GM for an NFL team, they snagged their first round pick. They got the player they wanted, now hopefully he can bring the team to a championship sooner than later. Sticking with the sports analogies, Warner Brothers could have been the Patriots, but have been acting like the Browns, I’d settle for them just being in the playoffs at all.

Some reports have noticed that Affleck has not been in the public comments about Reeves joining the film which brings on the speculation that Affleck could exit the film which would start this ridiculous process all over again. Affleck went to his Twitter to show the new director some love:

That’s always a good sign when your star shows his presence on a project for the public to see, but you never know with this stuff anymore. Clearly anything can and will happen on this film, but so far, everything is trying to get back on track…now where’s that script?


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