Joe Carnahan Set To Write Fox’s X-Force

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Fox has been making some big announcements and moves to get their newer X-Men properties up and running. Thanks to Collider for killing it with the exclusive reporting on all this news, another big piece of information they gathered was that X-Force could be written and possibly directed by The Grey director/writer Joe Carnahan who is also set to possibly direct Bad Boys For Life as well as the The Uncharted adaptation.

Carnahan was also just announced to be remaking the Indonesian action hit The Raid with The Purge’s Frank Grillo. He must be great at pitching ideas to studios because the man’s name has been attached to about four to five projects just in the last six months alone. 20th Century Fox has always had plans to expand their X-Men universe once the original 2000’s cast get too old or their character’s story arcs begin to dissipate.

It’s no surprise the style of Carnahan would be wanted for an X-Force movie either, his work on films such as The Grey and Smokin Aces prove that he should be right at home making a grittier X-Men style movie that will likely be set in a futuristic universe with a much different take on X-Men characters we’ve seen as well as haven’t been introduced too. It also makes sense that they want a writer and director signed for X-Force which could very likely tie directly into their Deadpool 2 script which just brought on Drew Goddard to help with the script.

Early reviews of Logan have been incredibly positive thus far which also bodes well for what Fox wants to do with their X-Men properties. Making sure to get auteurs of sorts to bring on these films is never a bad idea either.

Source: Collider


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