Drew Goddard Is Working On Script and Story For Deadpool 2

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For those of you who don’t know who Drew Goddard is by name, you may know his work, films such as Cloverfield, World War Z, the show runner for Netflix’s Daredevil as well as being the writer for Ridley Scott’s The Martian. Clearly his resume speaks for itself and that’s not including the fact that he’s also written Cabin In the Woods doesn’t hurt either. His ability to capture comedic and sci-fi, action, and horror make for a great pairing for a Deadpool script which will help the very much involved writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick who wrote the first film

Fox has not been hasty with their superhero sequel even with it’s massive success as a Rated-R superhero film. With the film having lost it’s original director due to creative differences they hired one of the directors for the first John Wick film to come in take the captain’s chair. With the director on board they are now able to move on with a script as well as eventually casting the anticipated characters Domino and Cable.

We’ve all speculated on who we want to see or who would genuinely be a plausible fit thanks to set pictures and rumors, but nothing is set in stone by any means. With the script now in development I’d expect there to be some major moves and announcements in the coming months on who will be cast and where the story is headed.

With Goddard being as much a comic book nerd as they get, his work on Daredevil proves that, there’s no doubt he can create a funny, exciting, action comedy sequel for the studio. Supposedly, Reynolds and company have been hard at work seeing minimal sunlight in order to get this script where they want it to be which can be pretty good news with this kind of team in place.

Source: Collider



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