Rumor: Disney/Marvel Possibly Developing Namor Film, Donnie Yen To Star?

Image result for donnie yen rogue one

After showing up in tremendous fashion in Rogue One, Donnie Yen has made his mark on the general public as a star that can definitely hold his own, and look good doing it. His fame was originally in Hong Kong cinema exclusively, but like Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and Bruce Lee, the martial arts star has made his mark on the global populous enough to warrant bigger American roles. His biggest role could be closer than we think with one aquatic hero, sometimes anti-hero, Namor aka the Sub-Mariner.

Marvel has obviously succeeded in bringing lesser known characters to the big screen with success, ease, and quality, – Doctor Strange I’ll battle with you – raking in money, and a ravenous fan base. With Jason Momoa bringing Aquaman to the movie world for the first time, it makes sense Marvel wants to at least consider the idea of bringing their aquatic hero later down the road.

There is word from Disney themselves giving any sort of shortlist for the actors possibly able to play the character, but they’d be crazy not to have Donnie Yen’s name at the top. Not only is he an undervalued charismatic actor, but his martial arts background only checks off another box, while shallow things such as his look make for a near flawless fan casting. Yen is over 50 years old, but looks about 20 years younger than that so that won’t be an issue, so why not start the speculation now?

Normally I wouldn’t roll with this kind of stuff, but it seems almost too good to be true. He was probably people’s top two favorite characters in Rogue One and for good reason. Why not bring him into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Namor?



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