Jon Favreau’s Live-Action Talent Has It’s Simba and Mufasa

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It took me a few days to ponder if I was even interested in seeing this live-action version of arguably the greatest Disney film of all time. Even with the talented Jon Favreau set to direct the live-action film after his success with The Jungle Book, it didn’t take Disney long to realize that they could succeed at making a believable live-action version of any of their films, so why not The Lion King?

There’s an observation I had when watching one of my favorite segments on the internet, that being The Hollywood Reporter’s Roundtables, and they had Favreau host one of their specials with a bunch of creatives you may all know. One of the things that isn’t hard to miss Favreau’s respect, admiration, and appreciation for Donald Glover. With that, it seems to make perfect sense that Glover would eventually cast in JF’s next film one way or another.

WATCH: The Hollywood Reporter’s Roundtable: Epic Conversation on Creativity

Even more surprising news is that Favraeu went out of his way to make sure the great James Earl Jones returned to voice Mufasa, a standout in voice acting history without much question. As excited as I am for these two talents, I’m not quite sure what the point of making the film is beyond showing off some cool CGI advancements.

Glover is quickly starting to become a go-to actor big tent-pole projects in Hollywood thanks to his overall success in acting on Community, being a platinum selling musician, respected stand-up comedian, and now recognized thespian. Glover will be voicing the adult version of Simba while James Earl-Jones will return as the original King of Pride Rock. With this leap in Glover’s career, it’s only a matter of time he stands atop as somewhat of a king in his own right.

Source: Jon Faveau


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