Is Harry Potter’s David Thewlis Wonder Woman Villain Ares?

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With nothing but a really stellar trailer from a few months ago, Warner Bros and DC’s Wonder Woman movie has been quiet as far as the overall plot. There hadn’t been any news on the villains or central plot beyond the time period taking place in World War I. With the footage and images we’ve seen with that in mind, we should be fairly excited for what’s yet to come, but there is news that Anomolisa and Harry Potter veteran David Thewlis could be taking on the main villain role of Ares. 

If you paid any attention to exploratory Latin, you’d know who Ares is from Greek mythology, he’s a god of war with a sick obsession for destruction and battle. That’s not too different from his comic book origins and his connections to Wonder Woman.

Thewlis will fuse practical effects with CGI like most of the characters you see in big budget films. Thewlis has a knack for playing dark, dramatic, even poetic villainy while communicating almost a Shakespearean character all in one. I remember first seeing him in a childhood favorite of mine, Dragonheart, so if you don’t understand my description, check out that stinking movie! His talents will hopefully only add to what we hope is at least a good movie by the end, but to say we fans are skeptical is an understatement.

Beyond Thewlis and Gal Gadot, the cast is pretty impressive which only makes the anticipation rise like tides for this movie to come out. You have; Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Connie Nielsen, Danny Huston, Lucy Davis, Ewen Bremner, and Saïd Taghmaoui all cast in significant roles which we’ve seen peaks of thus far.

In case you don’t know the design of Ares from his comics, have a look down below, and tell me what you think about Thewlis lending his voice and body to the role.

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Source: Batman-News


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