Could DC’s Shazam Finally Be Eyeing A Director?

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DC has been clogging up the toilets of movie news websites for months now and I’m not sure there is a plunger big enough to get the job done. Nonetheless, you gotta do what you gotta do regardless. With Batman, The Flash, and a pretty much every other property they have beyond Aquaman and Wonder Woman, there hasn’t been any director that has stayed long enough on a project to matter, but there might be a director finally in talks to take on the Shazam movie that will have Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam (finally).

Shazam is a cool character who is actually merely a young boy named Billy Batson who is granted the magical abilities to become a superhero strong enough to take on Superman with the use of one word. His main antagonist has been cast for almost three years now, but nothing has come of the film beyond that point. It sounds they are at least trying to get a story and director involved by eyeing up Lights Out director David F. Sandberg.

Sandberg did tremendous work directing the small budget horror film and was a financial success for New Line Cinema and getting praise from producer, writer, director, and Aquaman helmer James Wan. Sandberg will be directing the sequel to Annabelle, the horror spin-off about a cursed doll terrorizing a family. With Wan being one of the more respected filmmakers for Warner Brothers thus far, it makes sense he’d try to give Sandberg high praise in order for him to come onto the DC crew as a director.

Since Shazam will not be directly tied to the DC Extended Universe, he can stand on his own in a way that won’t dilute his stories thanks to the existence of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman etc. New Line Cinemas, the branch company of Warner Bros., will be producing the Shazam film. Now the next hopeful step is to sign him on and find their Shazam ASAP.

Source: The Wrap


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