The Worst Movie Idea Has Surfaced Thus Far In 2017, A Tom Brady Movie

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I hate the Patriots, I genuinely despise their guts as a franchise, and whatever it is they represent. I didn’t want them to win the Superbowl, but clearly Atlanta did so that makes this all the more frustrating to even report, well guess what? They want to make a movie about Tom Brady, but not a biopic that tells the heartbreaking true story about how he played at Michigan only to get drafted into the NFL to later leave his pregnant girlfriend and sponsor UGG boots, no, they’re going to write a film that centers around the bullsh** that has been on ESPN for what feels like an eternity… deflate gate. Oh! They also want to write a movie that chronicles his amazing comeback in this years Superbowl.

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Even with the writing talents of the dudes that wrote The Finest Hours and Patriots Day, I still don’t see how a movie can be made about this when this stuff happened only a month ago. That’s not to say the film comes out tomorrow, but even then, it will all be still fresh in our heads.

Who’s going to play the dopey Superbowl winning QB is the next question Mark Wahlberg? Matt Damon? Ben Affleck? You know what? Make it a comedy, cast Bill Burr as Tom Brady and just make the most incredible spoof of all time. Please, please, please do it. That would bring me such joy and happiness that flowers may start growing out of my ears.

Source: Deadline


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