The American Remake of ‘The Raid’ To Star Frank Grillo & Be Directed By Joe Carnaghanan

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The American remake of the Indonesian martial arts masterpieces that are The Raid movies is getting colonized by American studios, oh, I meant remade for American audiences. The part that should make you bananas (in a bad way) about this news is that these movies came out within a span of only six years…six years!

It’s not like foreign films films haven’t been remade for American audiences and done well in the past, but damn Hollywood, unless you’re getting Scorsese to do a whole The Departed type thing here, I don’t think any of us want it that much. The talent is at least solid – let me get back on the positive side here – and Frank Grillo and Joe Carnahan sounds like a cool duo to fuse for a badass action movie. Carnahan did films such The Grey and Smokin Aces. If anything, at least they got a writer/director who has done wild and fun action before with the star to bring it all to life.

Still, a remake of a film that is still fresh in the minds of movie fans everywhere seems a bit aggressive even for a rabid film fan. Why not try to make a third film in The Raid franchise and involve the Indonesian cast or crew while supporting it and throwing some of those American dollars to it? Just a thought, but I want to hear what you guys have to say for The Raid remake starring Frank Grillo.

Source: Deadline



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