Will Smith Drops Out Of Role For Live-Action Dumbo Movie

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Will Smith is the face we all know and love in Hollywood, but his last few choices of film have been questionable at best. While he’s always great in his films, his performances don’t add up to the overall quality of the films. That’s why the rumor a month ago that Smith was circling a live-action role in the Tim Burton Dumbo remake for Disney were so weird. At least now we can confirm that he will not likely be in the film due to scheduling conflicts and salary disagreements.

One film we’ve all been waiting for from Smith is the third film in his bad Boys franchise he shares with Martin Lawrence which was supposed to come out a year from now only to be delayed until November 2018.

Tom Hanks is still in contention for the main villain role of the film which I assume is the Ring  Leader of the circus that Dumbo is prisoner to or some form of animal abusing character. Smith was supposed to be up for a fatherly role (shocker) to two children who befriend Dumbo when at the circus.

The film is still expected to get a summer shooting date for Disney and will likely sign on everyone in the following months.

Source: Deadline


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