The Scarface Remake To Get A “Polished” Script From The Coen Brothers

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Antoine Fuqua’s remake of Scarface is still happening, but it’s just not going to be made with Antoine Fuqua. I’ve written my strong opinions on Fuqua  when he was still on the project that you can read below, but since his departure from the film, I’ve only grown more excited and focused on what this project is quickly becoming.

READ MORE: Terry Winter To Write Fuqua’s Scarface Remake

Since then, Fuqua has left, and now it looks like the Terry Winter script will be getting a touch up by two men that know gangster films pretty well in the Coens. The award winning writers and directors, respectively, have always been great at creating original films of their own with a style all to themselves. They’ve written films for other directors such as Bridge of Spies for Steven Spielberg as well as Angelina Jolie’s film Unbroken.

The Coens aren’t the only pieces brought together for the film as it sounds like Rogue One’s Diego Luna could be the newest man to bring Scarface to life as Al Pacino did with Brian de Palma which is where the remake will take the most inspiration from.

Source: Variety



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