[Update] Matt Reeves In Talks To Signing On To Direct ‘The Batman’ For Warner Brothers

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To say I am shocked would be a lie, to say I am excited would be the truth. Matt Reeves has proven himself to be a terrific storyteller in the world of horror/science-fiction and everything in between. The courting of the Dawn and War of the Planet of the Apes director seemed to come immediately after Affleck dropped out of directing his solo film, but I’m not sure they downgraded in any way. For me, I only see strong improvements for this project assuming the studio lets Reeve make the film he feels he needs to make.


This won’t be the first time a talented director has joined a DC project, but you’d hope it’s not the last either. Countless times over the course of six months have we seen directors come and go from DC properties due to disagreeing with the vision of their stories. When Affleck drops out of his own solo film and sites it as “wanting to focus on the acting portion”, then you have to believe something is up.

Reeves is great fit, almost perfect, like OJ with his glove type of fit, but it remains to be seen if they can let this man really sink his teeth into making a killer Batman movie. Notice, I said killer Batman movie and not a killer Batman… We’ve seen the potential and success of Batfleck on screen so all he needs now is a story to go along with it. It seems like Wonder Woman and Aquaman were doing fine with their productions so why not the most beloved of all the DC characters?

Maybe this is a step in the right direction for DC and Warner Brothers as of late and they are getting filmmakers they truly believe will bring an element to the films that work best for the continuity of the universe as well as just all around good films over directors for hire.

Source: Deadline



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