The Circle (2017) Trailer Review: A More Focused Trailer Presents A Fascinating and Timely Book Adaptation

When I saw the first trailer for the film two months ago, the tone seemed to be more of a pseudo horror film to some degree, but it looks like the tone of the film is more set in this trailer which gives a far better glimpse to the world of The Circle. 

Starring Emma Watson, John Boyega, and Tom Hanks we can only be excited for what these stars have signed onto. The best-selling book follows the story of a young woman who gets a chance to be a part of the largest, most powerful tech organization around where her charismatic boss feels that there is no such thing as too much information. The idea of cameras and phones and information being everywhere is all too appropriate in American society and could come as stark and frightening in ways we hope it would, ways that 1984 could bring.

It’s nice to see Hanks in a not so good guy role as well with his charm always coming from his all-American persona as the neighborhood friendly that no one can dislike. Boyega getting another feature role is also promising as his breakout role in The Force Awakens proved he can handle even the biggest stages after coming from smaller movies. The concept and the music within the trailer look great and give a far better glimpse into what could be a strong drama come April 28th.



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