New Concept Art For New & Improved Pacific Rim: Uprising Yaegers

The concept art seen above could be what our new kaigu fighting robots could look like in the sequel to Guillermo del Toro monster movie Pacific Rim. Originally, the Yaegers were a more rusty, heavy looking robotic suit, but from what this picture shows, we may be getting a more sleek version of the robots after they were nearly wiped out in the first film.

The first film was heavily inspired by Japanese mangas and monster movies of the past while still trying to hone in it’s own original take on the ideas. What I see now is the leap to a more anime styled robot that is necessary to take on giant sea dwelling alien/monster lifeforms that nearly destroyed the human race.

Del Toro’s efforts on the film can be seen the most in the visuals and how he wanted to make sure that the monsters and robots had “weight” to them, literally. When you make something sleeker and more stream line it could end up not feeling like people inside a robot, but instead a less believable physics to it all. They look incredibly cool and if this is the look they go with you won’t hear complaints from me.

Source: License! Mag


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