Matthew McConaughey Signed On To Star In ‘The Beach Bum’ By Spring Breakers Director

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When you think of ideal casting, you probably think of Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles, Ian McKellon as Gandolf, and maybe Samuel L. Jackson as the guy you need to say f**k a lot. Folks, there is no better person to cast as a beach bum than Matthew McConaughey. The man started his career as the dude who looks dirty and surfs a lot. His demeanor mixed with the blonde hair and lackadaisical persona only adds to it all, add the director of Spring Breaks into the mix and now I’m more fascinated than ever.

McConaughey will star beach bum “Moondog” who, for lack of better phrasing, just doesn’t give a f**k. Credit to The Wrap for saying that: Producer John Josher called “The Beach Bum” “the perfect movie for our dark and serious time” — adding that Korine has written “a refreshingly original, irreverent, and hilarious stoner comedy that only he could create.”

Stoner comedies have fallen off to be those stupid excuses of films for rappers or average comics to make the weed jokes they make with their homies – harsh I know – so to hear something like this that is supposedly refreshing and original gives me hope.

This seems like a far cry and yet a return to what we knew Mr. Alright Alright Alright for when he started, but then he went off and won an Oscar. McConaughey will be starring as the foil to Idris Elba in The Dark Tower and can ignored in his latest movie Gold that nobody has seen yet…

Source: The Wrap


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