Aaaaand ‘The Batman’ Is Starting Over From Scratch

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It’s only getting worse Gunn Rangers, it’s only getting worse, and if you think I’m lying listen to this shit. Affleck drops from directing Batman film, that’s okay right? Well, now it looks like his script isn’t great, then you say, ‘Well, thankfully Chris Terrio wrote his own script for the film”, and that’s when I finally say to you that they didn’t like that script either. You will finally go, whaaaat?! , then I go, “yep.”

Are you keeping up with me? They are starting the script completely over, as in square one, a genesis to the story that is not even there yet. Tell me Warner Brothers and DC aren’t imploding from the inside as of now. I love DC and Warner Brothers, but I’ll be damned if this doesn’t frustrate and shatter me. With the great work from Forbes, we get another glimpse into the volcano of bullsh** that is this solo Batfleck movie.

As their article is titled, the film will now be getting a new director, a completely new script which now requires a new release date. Matt Reeves is still in the forefront of the directors list, which excites me more than it should, and it looks like the team of Affleck and Geoff Johns has very much failed. Chris Terrio seems like he’s the guy doing his best with what he’s got, but I’m starting to think that Terrio isn’t the screenwriter to bring these types of films to life.

With rumors and credible reports from other outlets, the story was to have Deathstroke as the main villain while an inclusion of many of Batman’s other iconic enemies would too make an appearance. Joe Mangianello was cast as Deathstroke to everyone’s excitement, but who knows where that story line will go. Jared Leto’s Joker was also rumored to have a key role in the film. The optimist view on this would be that Affleck can at least get all the crap off of his cowl and focus on just acting the part the best he can while a better collaboration of filmmakers can create a Batman story we want and deserve with the talent circling the project.

Source: Forbes


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