World War Z 2 Delayed, David Fincher Still Wants To Direct

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While none of us are surprised that World War Z 2 lost it’s 2017 release date, there is a glimmer of hope for the film to get back on track with Brad Pitt and possibly one of his good director friends in David Fincher. The original film was a production disaster that had the second half of the film re-shot entirely and inflating the budget to almost $200 million. Paramount recently shut down the production for the much maligned reboot/sequel/remake or whatever it is for Friday the 13th.

Original director Marc Foster in unofficial terms stated how he was likely not returning for the sequel due to the troubled shoot and clashing with Pitt among other people on the production. J.A. Bayona (A Monster Calls) was then tapped for the directing job, but had to drop out for other projects happening in his 2016 schedule.

While nothing official has come of the rumor just yet, Fincher has been the name thrown around to be the director for the film. Fincher is used to the suspense/horror/thriller genres and is no stranger to working with Pitt.

No one really knows why Paramount hasn’t jumped on signing Fincher to the sequel, especially since Fincher is very much interested in the project, but after their struggles with the first film it’s likely they’re just getting all their ducks in a row before signing him. Fincher’s famous for meticulously shooting his movies and having his actors and crew do the same scenes dozens of times before he feels he gets it right. Maybe they don’t want that to affect how the studio sees their sequel, but that’s just my pure speculation.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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