Leonardo DiCaprio To Star In Period Crime Drama The Black Hand

Image result for joe petrosino the black hand

DiCaprio is set to star in yet another crime drama revolving around gangsters, cops, and all things mafia.

Adapted by the book of the same name, it follows the insane true story about the evolution of the mafia in America and the organization that called themselves the Black Hand, a group of men who kidnapped the children of immigrants in order to extort them for all they were worth. DiCaprio is set to play the cop that tries to shut them down who was considered the “New York Sherlock Holmes” which can lead to pretty cool things on screen in the form of mystery.

No director or writer has been set, but clearly DiCaprio is staying busy as usual as we wait for his films The Devil in the White City to start production with Scorsese set to direct their sixth film together while DiCaprio is still playing producer for a Captain Planet reboot as well as other crime drama films in the future.

Period crime dramas seem to be this difficult genre to crack for Hollywood, not sure why, but they’re all fairly average or below the standard they should. It’s sad really because these are great eras in time (the early 1900’s) that are always fun to explore, but they just don’t get their execution where they should.

Source: Variety


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