‘The Batman’ Getting Script Rewrite By Argo Scribe

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Chris Terrio has been picked again to help write Ben Affleck’s The Batman which just lost Affleck as it’s director even though he will still star (for now) as well as produce and write the script, but now he’s bringing on his Oscar-winning scribe yet again to help with the film’s story. Reports have swarmed the internet about Affleck’s standards for the script and said he wasn’t happy with it’s progress which makes sense as to why Terrio could be coming in to assist.

Terrio wrote alongside David S. Goyer, a comic movie mainstay since the time of Blade, wrote the script for Batman v Superman and wrote Justice League for Zack Snyder. He also has written a draft of The Batman which was overlooked in the Variety and Deadline reports.

Having an Oscar-winner write your movie is never a “bad” thing, but it doesn’t help that his efforts were not taken as well when BvS came to theaters. The extended cut proved to have more substance and it confirmed to us that Terrio can definitely write Affleck’s character’s well, but that remains to be seen in a full length feature film with Affleck’s Batman.

Affleck and DC Head Geoff Johns wrote a script together which has yet to give details on the story or the process, but the rumors are that Affleck may not have liked what Johns contributed to the script for Affleck’s liking which is why Affleck dropped out of directing and wanted to focus solely on starring and producing. There’s a lot to be had with this film that remains to be seen, but the coverage isn’t going anywhere.

Source: Deadline



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