James Wan’s Aquaman Close To Casting Black Manta and Aquaman’s Mother

Image result for Yahya Abdul-Mateen II nicole kidman

DC has been a bubbling cauldron of trouble since they started trying to churn out movies, but in recent weeks, things have only gotten worse. What seems to be maintaining it’s sanity is ironically horror phenom James Wan and the production of his Aquaman film for DC and Warner Brothers. Jason Momoa is still starring and the cast has only grown since the last time we checked in the Atlantean superhero film with Wan’s muse Patrick Wilson set to play Aquaman’s half brother Orm aka Ocean Master.

THR is reporting that Wan and company could be close to casting their main villain Black Manta as well as Aquaman’s Atlantean mother. The Get Down’s Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is in early talks to star as the villain, a relative unknown who has done great work on Netflix with The Get Down and is set to be in Baywatch later this year. Nicole Kidman is the actress Wan has at the top of his list to have play the former Queen of Atlantis.

In Wan I trust, but it’s no secret that having two of Aquaman’s prime villains in his origin story is a confident approach. Both villains, Orm and Black Manta, are the two prime villains of Aquaman, and how Wan is approaching remains unseen. Maybe Black Manta will be the villain first and they set up for Orm to take over the throne later. That’s how I’d do it, but Wan is good at making films with a lot of stars as seen when he did Furious 7.

The tragic origins of Black Manta are enough to warrant a focus on him more than Orm for now simply because it’s more of a compelling story to tell in the first film when introducing him. Black Manta’s two main origins are enough to bring a story forward for him to be the primary villain for Arthur Curry later on. Manta was kidnapped and abused on a ship as a child and unintentionally ignored by Aquaman in the past and Aquaman accidentally killed his father in other comics. Either way, there’s a lot of excitement at least for Aquaman for the time being.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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