Beauty and the Beast Final Trailer Review: Chills, Chills, and More Chills

Chills, chills, and more chills! While the Beast doesn’t look at flawless per say, the cast and the trailer with the music meshed just perfectly. Arianna Grande singing “Tale As Old As Time” also gives dead people life so there’s that.

The musical numbers with Gaston and Lafou look terrific, Emma is just beautiful, the voice talent proved to us why they were the perfect choices, and I’ll be damned if some of you realized Kevin Kline was playing Maurice because I didn’t. If this movie doesn’t make a ton of money opening weekend it will prove society is lost forever.

I get the feeling of disinterest for these live-action remakes of classic Disney films, but the more we see and hear from this one, the more it’s proving to us why they make them in the first place. If a trailer is supposed to get you more interested in a film then Beauty and the Beast’s final trailer did it’s job flawlessly.


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