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89th Academy Awards: Controversy Aside, Congrats To Moonlight As The Best-Picture Winner

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Controversy aside, let’s talk about this year’s Best-Picture winner that got overshadowed by a production mistake, Moonlight. Director-writer Barry Jenkins’ film was overshadowed for the biggest film award of the year when the wrong card was given to Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, but the monster upset for Best-Picture is worth discussing beyond the controversy itself.

La La Land didn’t come home empty handed by any means, but with one of the most praised films of 2016 with everything going for it, people found Moonlight to be the most riveting of them all. I particularly enjoyed the film and was enchanted by it’s unique subject matter and the touches Jenkins put on the story, but I can’t say that I would have picked Moonlight for Best-Picture. Again, it’s very much deserving, but I’m giving opinion at this point.

What is worthy of a Best-Picture award anyways? We’ve seen tons of films no one is going to go back and watch win the coveted prize, but for cinephiles like you and I, I have a feeling we are going to be talking about La La Land losing more than we are Moonlight winning in a similar fashion that sports fans did with this year’s Superbowl.

The fact that there was such incredible competition this year only proves the impressive nature of the winners in general, but I have a soft spot for both films regardless. Barry Jenkins and Damien Chazelle are outstanding young film makers that aren’t going anywhere if studios are wise to hire them – and they will hire them – because these are auteurs of film that we are able to witness at a prime time of film making where recognition will hopefully expand to all styles and backgrounds of film for years to come.


89th Academy Awards: Small Budget Film-Making Is The Real Winner

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The Oscars boasted it’s share of winners tonight with La La Land sharing the awards with other films (in more ways than one) which meant that their 14 nominations weren’t going to look like a Return of the King or Titanic type of situation. Still, the fact that films like La La Land, Moonlight, Arrival, Manchester by the Sea, Hidden Figures, and even Hacksaw Ridge were able to be showcased is a remarkable thing for diverse, small budget film-making.

During my live-tweeting of the show, I couldn’t help, but giggle knowing that Best-Supporting Actress was very likely to be won by a black woman. Through the humor, it’s a pretty cool thing to see compared to years past, but that doesn’t make any actress more or less deserving. Art-house level films came to win and that’s exactly what they did as seen in Moonlight and Manchester by the Sea taking home some upset gold in some people’s eyes. Barry Jenkins’ work on Moonlight proved to be who the Academy was looking at in the long run while Manchester by the Sea deserves another look, but credit the sound editors and sound mixers on Hacksaw Ridge as well.

Would you have heard about Hell or High Water before the Oscars? Only if you’re a huge movie fan, but the fact you are now interested in a film like Lion or The Lobster is a beautiful thing to happen after an award show.

You may be thinking that the Academy always recognizes smaller films and that may be true, but this year boasted nominees that may have never been given this chance years prior. These weren’t forced nominees either. These were films that touched the hearts of many people in ways that made us flock to see them and that’s what it’s all about.


89th Academy Awards Wrap-Up and End With An Unintentional Bang

The 89th Academy Awards were flooded with beautiful films of all types by all different backgrounds of filmmakers from across the world. Rich in storytellers, actors, producers, writers, set and costume designers, as well as those who work in the technical areas like sound or special effects. Their recognition for their astounding work did not go unnoticed as Jimmy Kimmel humorously hosted the show in a charming, classy, but subdued way.

With La La Land coming in as the front-runner to take home all the Oscars this year – with 14 nominations total – the film left with six, the highest amount of this year’s nominees, but the ending only gets crazier and more unbelievable with something you need to see for yourself.

Could there be anything worse in this situation? Well, yes, there could be, but give credit where credit is do to producer Justin Horowitz who tastefully presented the real winner of tonight’s Best-Picture Oscar to his friends that worked on Moonlight. The conspiracy theorists already want to call this a hoax, but regardless of that nonsense, the hard working filmmakers that brought La La Land to life had to let their hearts sink into their feet because of a mistake that was out of Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway’s hands.

The wrong card was given to the presenters causing what you see in front. Beatty went on to try and explain what happened, but whether his fault or not you’d hope he just fade into the background like that Homer meme on Facebook. Still, it’s a shocking win regardless, but a deserving one. Moonlight struck audiences at their most emotional centers leaving a powerful story for us to talk about. It’s a terrific film deserving of the Oscars it won, which were, Best-Adapted Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor, and officially Best-Picture.

I feel terrible for my favorite film of the year’s crew and producers for not getting what they thought was the most coveted film award, but going home with six Oscars still counts for something. La La Land ended up grabbing Damien Chazelle Best-Director, making him the youngest to earn the award while Emma Stone sang and acted her way into Best-Actress. Also recognized were cinematography, Set-Design, Best-Original Song and Best-Original Score.

Lesson learned, stop getting the old people to read the cards for the biggest awards of the night in any capacity…. or we just give them the right cards next time.

It’s Now Confirmed, Matt Reeves Has Officially Signed On To Direct ‘The Batman’

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He was on and then he got away, but then they got him again. A true fisherman’s tale if I’ve heard one, but it’s not a fish, instead it’s an awesome director officially signing on to do The Batman. The drama seemed like it was continuing and possibly destroying Ben Affleck’s interest in doing Batman all together, but for now, it seems as if Affleck will dawn the cowl yet again with a director that seems to know exactly what he’s doing.

Warner Brothers supposed first choice at directing the film post Affleck was Matt Reeves and like a GM for an NFL team, they snagged their first round pick. They got the player they wanted, now hopefully he can bring the team to a championship sooner than later. Sticking with the sports analogies, Warner Brothers could have been the Patriots, but have been acting like the Browns, I’d settle for them just being in the playoffs at all.

Some reports have noticed that Affleck has not been in the public comments about Reeves joining the film which brings on the speculation that Affleck could exit the film which would start this ridiculous process all over again. Affleck went to his Twitter to show the new director some love:

That’s always a good sign when your star shows his presence on a project for the public to see, but you never know with this stuff anymore. Clearly anything can and will happen on this film, but so far, everything is trying to get back on track…now where’s that script?

Warner Bros. Developing Nightwing Film With LEGO Batman’s Chris McKay In Talks To Direct

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The success of The Lego Batman movie is taking course critically and financially, but the live-action attempts for DC as of late have been troubling. It looks they’re going to take the fans advice and try out one of their animation directors to breathe some life into the DCEU by getting Chris McKay to eventually helm a solo Nightwing film.

For those unaware of Nightwing’s existence, he is the first Robin, Dick Grayson, and let’s be clear, everybody loves Dick…. Nightwing is the older persona post Robin for Grayson to branch away from Batman and be his own hero. He’s an exceptional hero who uses his acrobatic skills along with his modified Eskrima – basically martial arts sticks – where he combats crime, often helping Batman or leading the Teen Titans.

As excited as fans likely are for a Nightwing movie even being considered, it doesn’t mean it’s happening if recent history has shown us anything. The latest news on director Matt Reeves finally signing on for Affleck’s solo Batman is about the only “positive” thing we’ve heard from the studio in regards to anything connected to Batman. We’ve never seen a live-action Nightwing in any capacity and it will be interesting to see how they bring his mythology into this universe as is. An older Batman means a Nightwing and other older Robins exist in the universe.

Batman v Superman teased the death of a Robin, but sweaty fans know that was definitely a nod to Jason Todd’s Robin, not likely it being Grayson or other Robins like Tim Drake or Damien Wayne. Before they make this spin-off, I don’t think it’s asking too much for them to actually succeed with their other eight films we keep hearing about.

Joe Carnahan Set To Write Fox’s X-Force

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Fox has been making some big announcements and moves to get their newer X-Men properties up and running. Thanks to Collider for killing it with the exclusive reporting on all this news, another big piece of information they gathered was that X-Force could be written and possibly directed by The Grey director/writer Joe Carnahan who is also set to possibly direct Bad Boys For Life as well as the The Uncharted adaptation.

Carnahan was also just announced to be remaking the Indonesian action hit The Raid with The Purge’s Frank Grillo. He must be great at pitching ideas to studios because the man’s name has been attached to about four to five projects just in the last six months alone. 20th Century Fox has always had plans to expand their X-Men universe once the original 2000’s cast get too old or their character’s story arcs begin to dissipate.

It’s no surprise the style of Carnahan would be wanted for an X-Force movie either, his work on films such as The Grey and Smokin Aces prove that he should be right at home making a grittier X-Men style movie that will likely be set in a futuristic universe with a much different take on X-Men characters we’ve seen as well as haven’t been introduced too. It also makes sense that they want a writer and director signed for X-Force which could very likely tie directly into their Deadpool 2 script which just brought on Drew Goddard to help with the script.

Early reviews of Logan have been incredibly positive thus far which also bodes well for what Fox wants to do with their X-Men properties. Making sure to get auteurs of sorts to bring on these films is never a bad idea either.

Source: Collider

Drew Goddard Is Working On Script and Story For Deadpool 2

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For those of you who don’t know who Drew Goddard is by name, you may know his work, films such as Cloverfield, World War Z, the show runner for Netflix’s Daredevil as well as being the writer for Ridley Scott’s The Martian. Clearly his resume speaks for itself and that’s not including the fact that he’s also written Cabin In the Woods doesn’t hurt either. His ability to capture comedic and sci-fi, action, and horror make for a great pairing for a Deadpool script which will help the very much involved writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick who wrote the first film

Fox has not been hasty with their superhero sequel even with it’s massive success as a Rated-R superhero film. With the film having lost it’s original director due to creative differences they hired one of the directors for the first John Wick film to come in take the captain’s chair. With the director on board they are now able to move on with a script as well as eventually casting the anticipated characters Domino and Cable.

We’ve all speculated on who we want to see or who would genuinely be a plausible fit thanks to set pictures and rumors, but nothing is set in stone by any means. With the script now in development I’d expect there to be some major moves and announcements in the coming months on who will be cast and where the story is headed.

With Goddard being as much a comic book nerd as they get, his work on Daredevil proves that, there’s no doubt he can create a funny, exciting, action comedy sequel for the studio. Supposedly, Reynolds and company have been hard at work seeing minimal sunlight in order to get this script where they want it to be which can be pretty good news with this kind of team in place.

Source: Collider


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