The 2017 SAG Awards Was Nothing Short of Eventful and Fun To Watch

Image result for sag award winners

Last night, TNT hosted the 26th Annuel Screen Actors Guild Awards where television and film are recognized by their peers in an award ceremony that often foreshadows the outcome of the Oscars weeks later. With such riveting speeches detailing the conflict our country with recent events there was no celebrity shying away from using their platform to not just receive an award, but share their voices to millions of people watching and to the audience around them.

There were highlights galore with very little conflict to even discuss. From the riveting speech by Stranger Things star David Harbour to Mahershala Ali’s powerful and almost tear inducing speech on what it’s like for him to be a Muslim in our country were some of the best of the night, but Emma Stone’s genuine and always charming acceptance speech proves that she’s as cool as we want to think she is.

Some other big winners in the category of film proved to be surprising in regards to what it may entail for the Oscars in the coming weeks, but at the same time, the winners last night aren’t anyone we’d be surprised earned the award.

It was a testament to the outstanding work by the directors, actors, and overall film makers of this year. Diverse and worthy of being recognized, there was no shortage of respectful nominees and winners alike. Smaller films such as Moonlight, Fences, and Hidden Figures proved to us that not only are there great films being made in the indie scene, but also by black through white people. We often forget that films are a collaborative effort in all respects and that skin color is not the most important thing.

It’s a powerful message simply because people are comfortable saying how celebrities shouldn’t speak out on issues such as this and that in of itself is ironic and hypocritical. We should try to do what filmmakers seem to do and that is collaborate with people that are different than us to create something wonderful and in return we may all just learn something to better us or the people we pass by.



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