DC’s The Flash With Ezra Miller To Get Rewrite By ‘King Arthur: Legend of the Sword’ Scribe

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When DC recruited an actual director for their Flash movie with Ezra Miller, I thought we were going to get something really terrific and fun, but now that Dope director Rick Famuyiwa has since left the project there are only going to be more changes.

Ezra Miller will likely have to wait even longer for his solo Flash film to come out with the film now getting a script rewrite by Joby Harold who wrote the upcoming Guy Ritchie re-imagining of the story of King Arthur. For the fastest man alive, his attempts to get on screen seem to be slowing down, and whether that’s Warner Brothers fault remains to truly be seen.

The rumors we had last about the script involved Cyborg being introduced even further before his solo film in an attempt to make a team-up style film with The Flash and Cyborg, but what capacity I don’t think I will ever know. Still, the idea of those two in a film together doesn’t have to be far off or extinct from the plans and maybe the storyline will just differ a bit

My suspicions still remain as of now with the studio putting their hands in the kitchen when they aren’t needed because why would you sign a man to write and direct a film if you didn’t already agree on the vision of the film in the first place? I just don’t get it. Nonetheless, as I repeat pretty much every article, let’s just hope it turns out better than we’d ever imagined.

Source: Variety


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