Amy Adams and Sing Street Left Off The Oscar Nominations List

Every year there will be what we like to call Oscar Snubs and while many people are to busy calling me an Oscar Snob, let me assure you that they are not the same thing. Snubs are those film makers from any area of the film that did an Oscar caliber job that was clearly better than the competition.

These are not people who we think could have won outright, but people or areas that were at least deserving of the chance to compete. Two of my favorite films of 2016 were Arrival and Sing Street was my second favorite film of the year all together. Arrival’s technical areas were heavily awarded, having eight nominations all together, but not one for the woman that made the emotions come to life in Amy Adams. Sing Street got shut out for any awards all together, but the one that hurts the most is that Sing Street had one of the best original songs of the year.

Snub: Sing Street For Best Original Song, “Drive It Like You Stole It”

Snubbed: Amy Adams For Best-Actress, Arrival

As i said above, Adams was the force behind the films emotional depth, and we all convinced it was between her and the likely winner Natalie Portman for Jackie. Somehow, Adams, a five-time nominee, didn’t even get a nod for it this time around, and we all stepped back in shock when we saw names like

Image result for arrival amy adams

Surprised: Deadpool Doesn’t Get Nomination For Make-Up 

Image result for deadpool

I don’t think the world is too surprised that Deadpool didn’t get nominated for screenwriting, acting, or much else, but it was surprising that it didn’t even get a make-up nod in the process. Eh well, can’t color me shocked as a whole, and the make-up was fairly minimal.

As a whole, I’m not too upset with the Academy this year, but looking back, there weren’t a lot of notable films beyond the indie circuit this year. An inconsistent and disappointing year for film, but I think they got it right with a majority of the nominees this time around.


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