Possible Shortlist For Green Lantern Is… Questionable At Best

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When you look at the shortlist of what is supposedly the men that DC and Warner Brothers want for the role of Hal Jordan Green Lantern, it almost makes you wonder when and why this article got released. These are actors that were considered for the role almost a decade ago when their careers weren’t what they are now. I mean what the heck are we putting Tom Cruise or Ryan Reynolds on here for? These are two guys that have careers that have defied superhero films in the best ways, especially Reynolds as Deadpool.

These are not bad actors by any stretch, but at this point it’s not about talent as opposed to them fitting the roles in the now established DC Universe. Armie Hammer recently stated that this was the first he had heard of being on the shortlist of the character which doesn’t bode well for whatever dipstick thought this article was legit. However, if this is true, and this shortlist is even 90% accurate then DC and Warner Brothers are more incompetent than I ever thought.

Personally, an unknown for the role would be the way to go if I was a head executive for the studio, but if I was casting out these six men I’d have to pick Armie Hammer or Joel McHale. If this is the shortlist, give me the long list, and let’s go from there. Why not release the shortlist for Jon Stewart’s Green Lantern? If we want to talk about people who we’d cast from 2009, let’s steal Idris Elba from Marvel since they wasted his talents in those mediocre Thor films.

Shots fired. 

I hope this ends up being BS because it’s like they haven’t even tried to think outside the box for this casting and to have Ryan Reynolds as even a minor consideration is a joke, a joke that Deadpool himself will make in a sequel.

Source: The Wrap


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