James Cameron To Team Up With Deadpool Director To Revive Terminator Franchise

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Anything with James Cameron means you’re going to be waiting what will feel like a lifetime before his movies actually see the light of day. The famed director has been working on what was original two sequels to the biggest film of all time in Avatar, but has delayed the now three sequels even further. Cameron was also stated to be aiding the production of Robert Rodriguez’s adaptation of Battle Angel Lolita which Cameron was originally going to direct.

Now, you can add Cameron into the “revival” of the franchise he started with The Terminator along with the help of former Deadpool director Tim Miller.

I’m done with Terminator. This is not a franchise that has stuck with me like a lot of the people of that era. The first one is where I get the most enjoyment and I appreciate the second one, but it all goes completely downhill from there. Cameron also lied to us and said that Terminator: Genysis was going to be great then theater goers started puking in their popcorn bags.

Tim Miller is a good director from what we’ve seen and he has a strong sense of direction with the films he wants to make which is why he left the sequel to Deadpool because he and Reynolds, who’s also the producer, didn’t see eye to eye. Cameron doesn’t even get the rights back to the film until 2019 so I don’t know how they are able to plan this at all, but that’s I report this stuff to you all.

Source: Deadline


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