DC’s Shazam! & The Rock’s Black Adam Film(s) Will Now Be Two Feature Films

Image result for black adam

The meetings with DC clearly proved to be in favor of finally getting this Black Adam film and spin-off off the ground for Warner Brothers with Dwayne Johnson still as the titular villain. Black Adam is predominantly a conflicting villain who’s menace stems from the loss of his loved ones and the thirst for absolute power which could prove to work in a live-action telling of the character, but now it looks like we are getting a Shazam! film alongside it like we had hoped.

Shazam! aka Billy Batson is a young boy who is bestowed the powers of an ancient wizard to become a superhero. Black Adam had been bestowed those same powers in a past life, but as I eluded to before, gets poisoned by the obsession for power and the loss of loved ones.

The two characters are like Batman and Joker when it comes to being arch nemesis towards each other so it makes sense to give each character their just do in the world of storytelling. Unlike the Joker though, Black Adam was once good and could present a solid foundation to a conflicting character and it makes sense the studio would want to market the “franchise Viagra” to revive some excitement into the DCEU.



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