Power Rangers (2017) Trailer #2: To Be Fair, It Doesn’t Look Terrible

It’s safe to assume the expectations for a Power Rangers reboot aren’t shooting through our roofs, but to say the intrigue isn’t increasing each time would be a lie. Power Rangers are a New Zealand/American adaptation of an Asian property that pitted colorful teenage superheroes with poorly costumed monsters. Yeah, it’s that simple, and it looks like the studio realized that their audiences are more aware of that now as adults.

The humor seemed fitting for the style of film it wants to be and the rangers themselves look pretty cool if you ask me. Unfortunately, the monsters and other CGI don’t look as good. Whether they’re even finished or not is to be determined, but it doesn’t look great.

The vibe it gives off feels like Chronicle meets a lesser version of Iron Man this time around, but no where near either’s production quality that I’ve seen. That’s concerning in of itself simply because poor CGI can take me right out of a film in no time at all, but hopefully they revamp and edit before the final cut hits theaters.



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