Logan Trailer #2 Review: The Claws Are Definitely Out With This Latest Trailer

Without question, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine will go down as one of the most beloved character depictions of the modern era of film-making. Jackman’s commitment and dedication to the role has proven to be dynamic, riveting, and all around enjoyable. But like everything else, it must come to a powerful and stirring end.

The latest trailer for the final Wolverine film starring Jackman, Logan comes at us with another bloody trailer that gives us more glimpses into the desolate world that Professor X, Logan, and the world of mutants have fallen into. We get to see the anticipated X-23 character come to life on screen with this latest trailer and she looks bad-ass. I’m on the fence as to whether or not I liked that they revealed the little girl to be exactly who we thought she’d be, but in the end, that’s something nerds like me would know, not the general movie going audience.

The action takes on the trademark berserker nature of the two clawed characters we see and the dystopian-western vibe only seems to be getting stronger. Regardless of whether or not the trailer showed too much of the action, I think it’s safe to say they definitely don’t need to show anything more beyond this point and that fans will already be buying their tickets for March 3rd. 


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